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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

lots of rows

I've nearly completed the bust increases again. Let's hope I don't screw them up some more! I'd love to have the back of my T done before we hit the road Friday.

I knit a lot on the bus and watching TV with Miss Molly last night. (I did give her a bone to distract her.)

I also dyed my hair. I can't really get a good picture. It's much brighter and much redder. Although, no one has noticed.

Hubby got home really late last night. After 2 AM! Then he kept snoring and waking me up! He's lucky I haven't had a headache today! He's not noticed and I'm not going to tell him. Man, am I tired. I've been having progress meetings with my PEs today. Fun, fun, fun. All I want to do is knit more rows and take a nap. I could also use some lunch. Think I'll go eat.

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Meg said...

Hi Annette, thanks for stopping by my blog!

I'm actually moving to westfield for the time being - my husband and I have to move in with my parents for a few months until we find a house. both of us will be working in the princeton area, so by the end of the summer we'll be moving down there (hopefully).

Oh, and I can totally relate to only wanting to knit and take a nap. Thats exactly how i feel today!