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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


So, by the way the entire left side of my body went tingly and numb, I figured I was in for a doozy of a migraine ast night. Fortunately, I took my Axert pretty early on and the headache was over by 8:30 when I went to bed. The first symptoms started just after 6. I'm exhausted today, but my head never felt like it would explode.

The people my husband works with have him convinced they aren't migraines. They think I should be in the hospital getting tests. So of course, I started freaking out a bit last night with the extreme tingles and numbness in my hand. I should be able to feel my purse when it's in my hand right? What if it is something really bad? Hubby's cousin has MS, what if it's something like that?

I'm going to start to track things and hopefully it will all go away and just be my allergies prompting migraines. If the numbness and stuff doesn't get any better, I'm really going to start to freak out. Last night I almost had hubby take me to the hospital, at his prompting.

I think I'd feel better if my doctor weren't on vacation.

Our pastor is coming down Thursday so we can plan Billy's baptism and our becoming members of the church. Hopefully, I'll feel well enough this week to tidy up!

My NBaT is going well. I just started the waist shaping. I think I'm going to go solid purple. I don't think I'd wear a logo or sweater with contrasting colors as much as a plain one. (Although, I do think about making one with my leftovers.)

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dawn said...

I know the answer to this!!! It is likely you had a hemiplegic migraine. I get them. For me one side (usually my right side but not always) gets weak and when I have them the aura is almost blinding. They are very different from my normal migraines - but very similar too. My neurologist told me it is because the cascade starts at the brain cortex - in the motor function part of the brain... effecting obviously my motor function. The first one I had was on Labor day two years ago (tho I've been having regular migraines since my teen years.) My EMT husband thought I was having a stroke and took me to the ER where they did a ton of tests while it was happening - so we got a lot of good info.