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Monday, April 18, 2005

Interesting weekend

I had to leave the office early again on Friday. Hubby took me to a urgent care center since my doctor was on vacation and the covering doctor doesn't have office hours. They gave me another shot, but it helped. I was sick as a dog all afternoon. He also prescribed some barbituates. (Phenobarbital) I've been taking them nearly every day since. I'm going to go back to my doctor tomorrow and talk him into sending me to a neurologist or endocrinologist (in case they are hormonal). Eight migraines in a week and a half are TOO MANY. There have only been a handful of days where I've felt good. The drugs my doc gave me and the covering doc gave haven't really helped. I'm glad the barbituates help, but I can't take those forever. My parents are getting concerned that I'm not improving. Hubby says he wants my grumpy self back. And I'd like to read to my son without getting a headache.

I've been doing well with my T. I'm working the 24 rows even before the bust shaping. Hopefully, I'll be able to get the back finished this week.

Billy hit a milestone Saturday. He got his first hair cut. He looks so grown up. He also me our Friends Greg and Ling's baby Dylan. He's 6-months old. He looks so tiny compared to B. Even his feet looks tiny, tiny.

Billy also ate stuffed flounder for dinner last night. That kid will eat almost anything! Hubby and I joke about starting our own fish-baby food line. What better to way to get your kids to like fish than to start em off young?

I met a new knitter on the bus this morning. She was working on a pink and green mercerized cotton baby blanket in a basket weave knit. It was really pretty. I impressed her with my ability to knit and not look. It's her first project. She'll get the hang of knitting without looking eventually.

So far today is going well, head-wise. I've had some pressure but no migraine symptoms yet. It would be nice to get a few days in the office in a row. (Well, tomorrow I have 2 doctor's appointments so I have to leave early. Maybe I can start a streak on Wednesday!)

Finally, my black calmer is on it's way to me. Yippee. Can't have enough of the Rowan Calmer. I really need to start seaming my mom's sweater and put the zipper in Hello Billy. I'll be seeing my mom in 2 weeks. Must finish it. (Especially since it's only 6 months late!)

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Yarngirl said...

Sorry you're still feeling so bad - that sounds scary, too. I hope your doctor appointments give you some answers and treatment tomorrow - and your son is absolutely a cutie pie!