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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Thick and thin

I didn't get to watch all of Lost last night. Hubby, the boy and I went out to dinner and by the time the boy had his bath and bottle, there wasn't much left to watch. I did enjoy what I saw and can't wait for next week.

Angelina (1940s style jacket from White Lies) was swatched for a bit, but not during Lost. During Lost and the first few minutes of Alias (which I've never gotten into), I spun a small sample roving that came along with my flame roving. I definitely need to spin in a different place. I worked this roving in my bedroom, on my bed. Not good for the posture or the eyesight. We have very bad lighting in our bedroom. I don't know if you can tell, but it's of varying thickness because my draws were of various sizes and it's underspun in some places and overspun in others. It was good practice, though. I have a better idea of what to do when I start in on my burgundy roving purchased with my spindle (no picture). I wound up casting on and swatching for Angelina during CSI:NY. I think I'm going to like knitting her up. It's strange going back to such a tiny gauge!

As for FIL, he's growing. I've completed 6 inches from the cast-on. It's a bit more interesting than straight stockinette, because you work ribbing on the zipper edge (as in photo) and on the pocket edge (not in photo). Of course, being me, I am working the wrong number of ribs on the pocket side. I'm short one. Oh well. Who's going to know besides me? Well, me and the whole Internet? Seeing as I have 2 subscribers via bloglines, I think my secret's safe even if it is posted for the whole Internet to see!

It's a dreary gray day today and I could use a nap. I've been a horrible sleeper my whole life (I'd love to blame it on the PPD or the SSRIs, but I've had insomnia since I was a kid). Why is it, that the people who have no problems going to sleep can get by on less and those of us who have horrible times sleeping, can't get enough?

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