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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

provisional cast-on

So, I started casting on for Angelina last night. I have to re-do the 216 stitches. My cast-on wasn't really provisional. I'd like to re-start today, but I'm not sure I have a crochet hook. The crochet cast-on looks like the easiest to master (especially since I've cast on miles of crochet stitches).

I did buy some yarn this morning. Hubby told me last night that he really wants green socks and said he wouldn't mind if I bought sock yarn to make them. So I bought 5 skeins of some weird Turkish sock yarn. It's machine-washable, it's solid green. There will be enough to make his preferred lenght of mid-calf. (I don't think the wildfoote would have been enought at 440 yards). And it was cheap, cheap, cheap!

I hope we like the shade of green.

Just checked my bag. I do have a crochet hook. You know, I knew the cast-on was supposed to be provisional. I even packed waste yarn and used it last night to cast on 200+ stitches. Why didn't I check to see how one was supposed to provisionally cast on?

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