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Monday, February 28, 2005

Oscars = seaming party

I had a good time watching the Oscars last night and up a couple of sleeves. Although, seaming Zipo was literally a pain in my neck, it's done! Finally, a finished sweater. I can't believe how long he's been sitting around waiting for his sleeves! He's from the All Season Cotton Collection and I started him in December for my dad's birthday and the Manalong. Yarn is All Seasons Cotton in Safari (discontinued and purchased on eBay last year). I love the ASC and the pattern was easy (except for the neck). It's reverse stockinette with no shaping. I did shorten both the body and the arms. My father comes from a long-line of leprechauns*. I promise a better picture once I get Dad to model it in April (along with Mom in Air and maybe my sister in that Grecian Plait I finished last summer).

I made some progress on Angelina Friday. The bus driver decided to cut through Hoboken because it was Friday (highways due tend to back up on Fridays). Unfortunately, the surface roads and alternate route were horrible! It took a long time to get home, which meant 3/4" knit!

I also hemmed some curtains and altered some jeans this weekend. I'd claim to be domesticated, but very little else got done around the house. I'd so much rather play with my son!

* We have some Irish heritage and one of my Uncles claimed to be a leprechaun when I was a kid, to explain away the lack of height my dad and his brothers have. Of course, my grandfather is taller than all of them and the shortness comes from my meme who is not Irish!

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