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Thursday, February 24, 2005

bloggus interruptus

This post was started and then put on hold while I moved. Now that the computer is set back up, we rejoin blogging in progress:

snow, snow, snow (original post title)

They're forecasting another 4-8 inches for us. We just got 5 on Monday. Granted it's mostly melted away by now. Of course, today's snow is supposed to be heaviest just in time for the evening rush home! Yippee! I think I'll be picking up Billy at daycare and hunkering down at home. I'll raid the pantry for dinner. I hope Hubby doesn't have a hard time getting home from his night out with the guys tonight.

I re-cast on for Angelina last night on the subway, the bus, and watching Lost. Do you know how many times I had to count to make sure I had 218 stitches? About 8! I do really like the crochet cast-on and will use it again. Although, at this tiny gauge with unstretchy-cotton, my fingers started hurting. I've got two rows done. Ths is going to be a loooooong-term project; especially since I haven't had a knittable morning seat on the bus all week. Eventually she won't be busable at all. Like in ten inches (about 2 years from now), when I cast on 2 billion more stitches for the sleeves. I'll have to find a busable project. I know, I know, Hubby's socks.

I finally move to the new department today. Rumor has it I will be moving into the internal, box-like office. It's only slightly smaller, but no windows. I will be getting a table and chairs for small meetings. I had hoped they'd put me in one of the empty external offices (although the only available one has no view). But, they've all been spoken for. (I didn't think they'd give me the old HR director's office, but I had to ask.)

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