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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Don't tell FIL...

that I've gotten a bit bored with his blue-ness. I knit nearly 6 inches on FIL last night on the bus ride home, but he's just so blue and the right front is the same as the left front (but reversed of course). He's giving me the blahs.

Then, there was a sing-song voice from my bag. Knit me it said. I didn't want the talking yarn in my bag to freak out the people on the bus. So, just had to swatch the Maha (I'm tired of trying to spell it out). I whipped out the smallest needles I had on me and set to work. It's making a lovely fabric, although, my gauge is loose on 9s (the smallest I had). If I want to make Clapotis out of this, I'll have to try 7s. And it's colorful! I was a little worried when I first saw the balls in person as the colors are a bit brighter than I was expecting, but they look great together knitted up. I'm not quite sure what it will become. If I make Clapotis, I'll have 5 balls left. Enough for another Clap, but not much else.

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