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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A good day and then WHAM!

As I said in an e-mail to my sisters, yesterday was a pretty good day. I got to tell two people they were promoted, got to leave the office by 1, bought a zipper for Billy’s sweater (and one for F-I-L’s sweater vest), had a good visit with the doctor, we’re going to start weaning me of my meds after my next appointment in April. Then as I was waiting for traffic to clear so I could pull onto North Ave from the Parkway, I got rear-ended. Fortunately, Billy was not in the car and I was not hurt. But my poor van (the party-van according to the Marist gang), is all banged up. I don’t think we could open the back end if we wanted to. Fortunately, the lights all work. She’s going into the shop on Monday, but we can use her in an emergency. The car seat has been moved to the VUE. He’ll be our main wheels until she’s back.

So, yeah, that sucked. What sucked more is it took four police officers from three organizations to get us back on the road. It took over an hour from start to finish. The first police officer said we were in a different town. The second set of two said we were in their town (which is also my town), but that we were technically on the highway still. So we had to wait for a state trooper. He was pretty prompt. Strangely, the NJ state police don’t give you a copy of your accident report. No, you have to mail away for it and send them $10! I wonder if that was McGreevy’s doing.

I was a complete and utter flake about it all. I think not getting the accident report threw me. I didn’t get her insurance info. But, Hubby to the rescue. He’s so good at picking up my pieces. He got us an appointment with Geico’s preferred body shop (where the adjuster has office hours). He even apologized for taking over in case my feminist sensibilities were offended. I told him nope. His talents lie in the bureaucracy, I’ll let him deal.

In other news, Billy’s still freaked out about taking a bath. I don’t know what to do. We’ll ask Dr. Maggie for advice at his well-child visit next week.

On a very happy note, my gorgeous fiber came today. Weee! Must learn to spin!!!! See it below, posing seductively with the progress on F-I-L’s sweater. I say the pockets on this vest are being done ingeniously. You cast them onto the sides of the back and sew them to the fronts. One less seam to handle.

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