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Friday, February 25, 2005

Swift Angelina

Well, she's not really swift. I've got nearly 3 inches done. Of course that's after a nearly 1 and 1/2 hour bus ride home, two and 1/2 hours of tv watching (part of Survivor, all of CSI: and Without a Trace), and the bus ride in this morning.

The swift refers to this bad boy. Who ever heard of a wood swift for $40? I think I got off scot free on the shipping, too. If you want a loom, this might be the time and place to buy one. They've got them half-price. I think they may charge shipping on those, though. Whoo boy are they big!

We did get about 7" of snow last night. It was tricky getting home. Lots and lots of fender benders on the road. They were pretty slick, but people drive like idiots. I could not believe the fools cutting off the bus. Dude, it's a bus; it'll win! The ride in this morning was fine.

There's a stench in my house. It's from the knitted bits decomposing on the compost/finishing pile. I can't believe I knit up Zipo in a month but have left him mouldering needing just sleeves and weaving in for nearly 2 monts! And poor Air. I started her back in September. She's in pieces! And Hello Billy only needs a zipper! I know I've said it before, but I think it's time for a finishing party. My goals this weekend are to get the floors cleaned in my house and finish a sweater!

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Yarngirl said...

OMG - you had me ROFL with that comment about Elann being like a crack dealer! I have a trip to take next weekend, and if I don't do too much damage, I think I will be ordering that Spaceboard! Thanks! I'm so glad my DH doesn't work in Weehawken anymore, or he would have been one of those bus riders last night too, and it really was nasty out - glad your home safe! Have a great weekend.