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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

finishing pile grows

So, I made some good progress on FIL over the weekend. Well, that is until it came time for seaming. The yarn is too chunky to seam with and separating the plies is impractical. Well, it's not hard to do, but the plies aren't strong enough to seam with on their own. I think I may wander over to Purl at lunch and see what they have for thin gauge wool in navy blue.

I was talking to hubby about what my next project should be. I've ruled out clapotis in the Maha (it doesn't like to drop stitches) and couldn't decide between Angelina and an Easter cardi for Billy. Hubby suggested I start his socks. One problem, I don't have a pattern. I've found a couple of simple patterns, including a generator. So, I have to swatch the socks and see if they'll work. I only have 2 balls of the dark blue Preface. I hope that's enough (fortunately Hubby's feet aren't super big).

I did pack up everything but the pattern for Angelina to get started on her. I didn't have a knittable seat so it didn't matter that I couldn't start. I should finish the swatch, anyway before I cast on, right?

Well, first day in the new position. Must get things going.

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