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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

FIL thinks I don't like him anymore

After my last post, the sweater vest was whining on the way home. He thinks I don't like him anymore. Fortunately, I had a great conversation with a woman who works for Anne Klein in the fashion district. She works with the seamstresses, translating the designs into working patterns. Sounds interesting to me! I bet she's got mad sewing skills! She liked my Phildar "thread" and we talked about knitting and sewing and her growing up in Russia and what she used to do to be fashionable. She had this girlfriend in college whose grandmother spun a wool-blend with the girlfriend's collie's fur. It made wonderfully warm and beautiful knits! We chatted about that and how people still do spin pet fur. (I suggested Persian or Himalayan cat fur would be nice.) Don't worry Molly, you've got short hair. No bully knits for me! It was a nice ride home and I saw her again on the bus in this morning, but I had to sit at the back.

As photographed below, albeit poorly, I did finish the back of FIL this morning. I only had about 11 rows to finish him up after my gab & knit-fest home last night. (I impressed the lady on the bus by being able to knit by feel. I tried to explain that it was straight back and forth st st, but she wanted to be impressed.)

I did pull out the Quechua and the pattern and my 5s, but didn't really get started. I didn't feel well last night and I'm so wiped out still. I don't know if I had a bug or if it's the lingering effects of a late night and stress. I'm looking forward to casting on. Hopefully, I'll get the left front of FIL started tonight on the way home and can cast-on for Angelina while watching Lost tonight. Well, cast-on the swatch anyway.

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