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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ladybug Presents

I've got no idea what the blog title means. Billy's been pretending to see ladybugs or grasshoppers out his window (second floor to the ground, kid's got good eyesight). And he's been obsessing about presents. Not just that he wants to get new stuff or even open presents himself. He was perfectly happy when Molly opened her present a week ago. So this morning, after telling me about the ladybug he saw, he started asking for ladybug presents. I really don't know if he thinks there should be a ladybug holiday for which we exchange gifts or if he wants to wrap up some aphids to leave for his invisible friends. I'm confused, but he's cute!

I've decided I'm going to make a bigger Lace Leaf shawl. I'm nearly to the end of what would be the last repeat of the smaller size, but it's only about 15 inches deep. I don't think it's going to grow by more than half with blocking. I don't know if I'm going to add seven more repeats to make the full large size, but I definitely want it to be at least 33" deep after blocking. Which is fine. I was kind of bummed to think that I'd be starting the 15 row border tonight on the way home. I'm not quite ready to be done knitting on this. Although, I was very excited to think that I might be blocking it this weekend. Oh well. If I'm not ready to block by Saturday, that means I don't have to clean off the guest room bed!

I did order the Spring Things shawl yesterday. I'm going to knit that up with my Cabin Cove yarn. (I'm going to have to join that knitalong when I cast on. Which is good. I like the buttons.) I just ordered a niddy noddy on eBay which will make the Icarus Magnum Dye much easier.

Rae, browse through here for some rectangular shawl ideas. I imagine some aren't too holey. Hey, there's always Clapotis from Knitty.


Cookie said...

You're welcome to join before you cast on, if you like. We really are no pressure.

Amy Lane said...

What is it with little boys and butgs? The CaveTroll has been talking about spiders inhis eyes...I like Ladybug presents fact, I think I"d buy a whole passel of ladybug presents if I could get rid of the spiders in his eyes!!!