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Monday, April 16, 2007

No grasshoppers today

Here is the lace leaf shawl all blocked out. It's a little wonky, first time I've blocked a triangle. I finished the cast off on the way to and from church yesterday. I washed (hit the dirty train floor) and blocked during Billy's nap yesterday afternoon. She was dry when I left this morning, but I didn't have time to unpin it. This was a very satisfying knit. Two weeks from cast on to blocking. I'll need to trim ends but she's ready to wear now. The pattern is Lace Leaf Shawl from Fiber Trends, knit in Koigu (I can look up the color if anyone wants to know it) on US 7s. I used by KnitPicks Options in the 32" length. I had to rip once, I think. There are a couple of minor errors (a k3tog in one row where the k2tog was missed the previous right-side row), but nothing I can't live with. I'll try her on and see what I think.

Meanwhile, I cast on for the Spring Things shawl on Saturday. I was waiting for B to finish the french toast Hubby made for lunch. Since the yarn, pattern and needles were sitting right there, I started. But US3s seemed too small. I started again on Sunday (during nap after I blocked lace leaf) with US5s. I liked the fabric better and cruised through nearly 40 rows when I realized I'd messed up but good back on row 6 or so. RIiiiip it went. I started in again this morning. I just love this thing and can't wait. Hubby's not convinced that I need to knit multiple shawls, but when has knitting ever been about need? (Okay, I know 100 years ago I would have been knitting out of need.)

In other news, parts of my town have become new duck ponds. Seriously, I watched from train station as a pair of Mallards landed on the water on High Street and just toodled around. Most roads were passable and the bus ride into the city was only 5-10 minutes longer than normal. The river hadn't wiped out much, but, the blocks near the river were not draining. The public schools are closed (some are being used for shelters for people who live near the river) and I'm probably going to need an alternate route to daycare if this hasn't subsided by evening.


Andrea said...

I have to commend you on your shawl, I have one on the go but it's so hard to make myself knit it (maybe because I have to rip back every other row).

I think it's because I have to pay so much attention to it and can't have the tv on or I'll get lost in the pattern.

Anyway, it's beautiful, you should be proud!

Rae said...

WOW on the shawl! And WOW on 2 weeks to knit it!! Impressive.

And LOL on DH's comment. You're exactly right -- since when in the last 40 (20?) years has knitting been out of necessity and NOT out of interest?? Especially when the price of yarn far exceeds the cost of a machine-made sweater?

We have a lot of flooding, too, but luckily my train was only about 10 min late. Most of my Brooklyn coworkers were very late. Hoping this eases -- I can't miss work tomorrow.

Chris said...

It's just beautiful!!! What a fun pattern and you've done a great job on it!