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Monday, April 30, 2007

Sunny Day

What can go wrong on a day when you come out of the shower and hear your pre-schooler loudly singing the Sesame Street Theme Song to the world (at our house we refer to it as "Sunny Day"? Granted, I'd rather he wasn't up at quarter of six, but we were out the door relatively easily this morning. Especially since his orange pants were clean.
I've started the border on the spring thing shawl. I've completed a repeat and am concerned that it's going to be too small and I'm going to have lots of leftover yarn. I think I may have to rip back and add more repeats to the upper eyelet pattern. Good thing I'm not on deadline.

I've completed two full repeats of the dragon socks. I'm liking it a lot and have gotten to where I don't need to look at the chart.

I haven't touched Serrano in a couple of days. Mostly because I've got too many wips (shawl, socks, serrano, B's sweater, dishclothes, a hat) and I need another US3 to work the body.

I'm sorely tempted to open up one of my five bags of Polar and whip up a quick cardi for the office. It is a meatlocker in here with the air on.

I did some sewing this weekend, after I rearranged the mini-yarn stash and maxi fabric stash and books that were blockading the sewing machine. I started a "Piderman Packback!" for Billy. A while ago, I bought a yard of Spiderman quilt fabric and decided this weekend to make B one of those drawstring backpacks. It's all sewn up. I just need some cording and grommets to finish it. I think he very much wants to use it. I've also cut out a simple skirt for me. I might work on that tonight.


Rae said...

LOL Netter. The way you wrote that last paragraph makes me think you cut out a skirt for yourself out of the spiderman fabric. Now that would a mom all kids would love. ;)

I LOVE the shawl! It's beautiful. Can you remind me the yarn? It looks like a linen yarn I knit with last year for some MDK handtowels for MIL. I loved the yarn.

BTW, I adore hearing DD sing her songs. She has one we don't know about "Mr. Golden Sun." Must have learned it at school, but it is the cutest darn thing I've heard in a long time. Melts my heart every time she sings it (she's so earnest).

Amy Lane said...

How very busy you are!!! I get NONE of that fact, I've been working on the same damned baby blanket for weeks! (well, it's almost done...)

thordora said...

I wish I could keep track of the stitches to do complicated stuff like that. But I'm hopeless. Any tips?