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Friday, April 13, 2007

Netter can't count

You know how I mentioned on Wednesday that I was just about done? I was wrong. I thought I was close to 290 stitches needing only to finish out that repeat, but when I recounted that night, I was at 260 something. I needed about 3 more repeats to finish. I'll have 307 stitches when I finish the next two rows. I'm starting the edging after that. The shawl measures 18" deep right now, and I think it will block out fine.

I could always knit another, bigger one from the leftover koigu if this one isn't deep enough (I'm currently on ball 3 of 8 that I have in this colorway and dye lot).

Speaking of Koigu, I won 12 skeins of p338 on eBay the other day. Can I tell you how excited I am? I'm going to figure out a lacy cardigan if it kills me.

I do have to start planning another baby item. Good friends of ours are expecting their first in September. Hubby suggested a blanke. I'm thinking a log cabin moderne or the courtyard steps from Mason Dixon Knitting. I'm thinking of getting a bunch of Elann sonata in neutral colors. We have another friend that is expecting his second in August. I decided this morning to do a baby surprise or tomten in Mets colors (I've got ASC in orange and blue melange). I could also do bibs and stuff.

Next, up, though will be my Spring Thing shawl in my Cabin Cove laceweight. Once I find the yarn.


Amy Lane said...

Auugghhh!!! I've done that! And the thought of that much koigu knit up into a lace pattern makes me all flushed and faint...lovely...

Rae said...

Hm, if you were pregnant, you could chock it up to the "pregnancy stupids."

Wait, are you pregnant?? ~wink~

Thanks for the link to the longer rectangular wraps. When I feel better and can actually see again, I'll take a much closer look.