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Monday, April 09, 2007

little bit of this, little bit of that

I did dye as planned on Friday afternoon. Two skeins of chunky going from golden yellow to orange. Gave me some things to think about the magnum dye I'm going to do for Icarus.

I also dyed another skein of Iris in the superwash sock yarn (purple, turquoise and apple green). Looks pretty good.

Oh, yeah, a skein of "After the Easter Eggs" as well. It needs to be washed. Whew! does that smell of vinegar!

For knitting, I ripped out 12+ rows on the shawl Saturday. I'd messed up the last repeat something fierce. I haven't really touched it since. I've been too busy reading Wicked and it's sequel, Son of a Witch.

Friday, I did knit some on the pink, pink, and more pink vest I'd been working on. I'm going to rip it out. Hubby gave the colors a no vote, but the deciding factor was that it's a bit bigger than I wanted it. I wanted a slimmer fit. I don't agree that big girls can't wear chunky yarns, but I think they shouldn't be boxy or oversized in the least.


Rae said...

Can you really use the easter egg dyes for yarn?? Our eggs came out brilliant, but I never thought of it for the yarn. Interesting!! Hope you post pics.

Is your book Wicked the same as the broadway musical? It's one show I think I'd like to see.

Amy Lane said...

I'd like to see how that comes out...I'd like to knit for myself sometime, but, I am a big girl, and the idea of knitting a big girl knit on size 5s just makes me want to *sob*...

Have ou read Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister? I must confess, both books are on my "I should read this to be sort of up on things" shelf...but I haven't actually gotten past the first 3 chapters in Confessions...