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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

all lace all the time

Here's the progress on the Spring Things shawl. Not bad considering I didn't knit at home last night. I hemmed some pants instead. How is it, that at 5'4" plus-size petite pants are at least 3" too long? Being fat doesn't make my legs longer; I'm still short! I'm totally grooving on the colors. I think they're a little more saturated in this picture than in real-life. I've got the pattern memorized for the upper chart. I've got many, many 6-row repeats to go. Since I've got 870 yards, I'm thinking I'll make it a little bit bigger.

I've gone ahead and signed up for the Cabin Cove knitalong. Got to remember to add the button to the sidebar.

I hope to have modeled shots of Lace Leaf later this week. I'm hoping the weather will improve so we can have some daylight modeling, either by me if I can find a photographer, or by my forsythia bushes if I can't.

Go find a Ben & Jerry's scoop shop. It's free cone day! My first experience with Ben & Jerry's was in grade school. In 1983, the town next to mine made the Guiness Book of World Records for the world's largest sundae. B&J donated the ice cream and they bussed kids in from all over to eat it. Being from VT, B&J was always the ice cream of choice. I remember seconds sales (esp. the seconds that were seconds because there were TOO MANY chunks), getting Peace Pops at the drive-in, visiting the original scoop shop in Burlington, coming to NYC in high school and seeing the famous Woody Jackson holsteins and realizing there was a bit of home in Times Square. When my cousin worked at their factory in St. A, she'd get sleeves of ice cream each week and would pass along the extras. Free cone, I think I need a pint!

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Anny said...

OMG! You're doing really well with the lace! I have yet to attempt my first shawl...I'm too afraid of screwing it up ;0)

I love how your green shawl turned out and the colours in this one are just so very yummy!

Oh, and 'too many chunks'? What? Totally with you on that one!!!