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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Big girls do knit, and they read sometimes

Amy, I'm a big girl, too. (Getting bigger by the day it seems.) The vest is knit on US13s or 15s but is going to be ripped as too big. I hope to re-start it for next Fall. I read somewhere, can't remember where, that bigger girls not where anything larger than dk or worsted weight. That could take forever if your bust is 48" or more (and that's 48" with no ease). I'm hoping a chunky knit that's got about zero ease won't look too bad. I'll definitely post pictures if I ever finish!

Both Amy and Rae asked about Wicked. It is indeed the book upon which the play was based and I put it down for a good long while about 1/3 through because I wasn't so into it. I got Son of a Witch recently and figured I should finish Wicked. I couldn't put it down. I'm about half-way through Son and do want to pick up Maguire's other books.

I love the re-tell from a different character's perspective. I think the best, and my favorite, is Grendel. I do want to pick up Finn which is the story of Huck Finn's father. It's gotten good reviews.
Rae, you can use Easter Egg dye, or any other food coloring, to dye protein fibers. And they're nontoxic, so when I dye, that's what I use.
I worked diligently on the shawl last night and am a repeat past where I had to rip last week. I'm torn about the size. The small size is supposed to be 68" x 33", which I think is a good size for 5'4", but I'm only halfway through the second ball with 2 repeats of 10 rows to go so I sincerely doubt I'm going to use all 600 yds called for. Does that mean my shawl will be smaller? The large will be way too big (90" x 45"). I guess we'll just see how it blocks out. It's looking like I'm going to have at least 4 skeins of koigu left. Methinks I have green socks in my future!
I inspired another knitter to start knitting on the train. She wants to make a blanket for her son, but doesn't have time. Maybe today, she'll be knitting instead of doing Sudoku.


Rae said...

I actually gave up knitting for awhile when I first caught the Sudoku buzz, but I then quickly gave up Sudoku to go back to knitting. You can stray from the nest, but you always go back.

You're inspiring me to knit a wrap of some kind for work. It's cold at work. I have a pashmina but would love to show off a hand knit. I'm just not sure a shawl would work for me. I like the big shape of the pashmina, so I'm thinking a knit in that shape might work. I don't want something too lacy because it's cold, but I don't want a blanket at home. I don't want to look like an settler wearing my bedding. ;) But of course I also want an interesting knit, so lace might be the thing.

Keep posting so I'll keep ruminating. ;)

Amy Lane said...

Squeee!!! A John Gardner fan...I LOVE Grendel--so many beautiful lines in gorgeous...and I'm a big fan of Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling... (they did a few anthologies with re-worked fairy tales...) John Gardner...*sigh* Now I want HIS ghost haunting my garden at night...