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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Back to the fiber

I avoided posting my feminist ravings about the whole Don Imus thing, but I couldn't keep quiet. It's one thing when a group of women are insulted, it's another when 33 people have died.

So, back to the fiber, I'm about 4 sets of eyelets further along on the Spring Things shawl. I'd be even further, but I had to stop and rip, drop back, and tink a number of times last night. I have to remember that just because a pattern is easily remembered, doesn't mean that I can knit like it's stockinette in the round! I think the color is more accurate today. I'm planning on about 25 sets of eyelets before I start the upper border. We'll see what kind of yardage that takes and what size it gets me.

The green thing on top is a swatch for my Here There Be Dragons socks in the leftover Koigu from the lace leaf shawl. I just had to print out the pattern and try it. My previous attempt was on a much thinner yarn and it lead to a smaller sock. I'm hoping koigu on 3s will get me less than 8 stitches to an inch so that the socks will fit my wide-ish feet.

I'm enamoured of that greenish koigu and I have more than four skeins left. Two plus a partial ball should be enough for the socks. I'm thinking of using the other two to trim a future project. Maybe a lacy ruffle on a 3/4 sleeve of a plain beige sweater? With a little trim on the front bands? Just a thought. I'll try to remember to put the koigu with yarn I was thinking of matching it with.

In other news, Hubby's got his parents shore place for the weekend. (Definition of shore place: a converted motel suite one block from the beach in North Wildwood, NJ. M-i-L hates to call it a condo because it's an itty bitty, one bedroom converted suite.) Since the weather's going to be nicer this weekend (read: sunny in the 60s), I'm thrilled. However, we have a minor debate on bringing the B. This morning Hubby suggested leaving the B with his parents, they're already taking the dog, and it nearly brought me to tears. Usually, I'm all for getting the mommy and daddy alone time, but for some reason, as of this morning, I want B with me. Maybe that's just because he's been really easy the last couple of days. I'm sure if we get a "no pants" episode as I'm trying to get out the door Friday morning, I won't regret leaving him with his grandparents.

Cute thing B's been doing lately: over dinner, we get a run down of who pooped at school that day. Not sure how accurate it is as it always starts with "Nessa got poop." The other kids who "got poop" that day will vary and he invariably says no if we ask about kids by name, including him. Mostly we think it's entertaining, but Hubby was a bit uncomforatable discussing Nessa's bowel functions at the diner last night. Like the old people behind us don't regularly discuss BMs!

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Amy Lane said...

"Nessa got poop." That's unbearably cute...don't feel bad, there are times I can not bear to leave the's why we pushed them out, after all...