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Monday, April 02, 2007

addicted to lace

I'm wishing you a happy April, now that my mood's improved this morning. I was not a happy camper this morning. Billy's caught the cold Hubby and I were sharing and he has the gross propensity of mucus oozing from his eyes. No color to his eyes, mind you, but it was a bit touch and go to determine if they were still white, meaning mommy could come in to work.

This is the first of my planned April/May Project Spectrum projects. A Lace Leaf Shawl in Koigu. Late last year, I bid on and won 8 skeins of KPPPM in this lovely green (with blues and purples). I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, or even if I'd like the colors (the photos on the auction weren't very true), but I couldn't resist the volume at the price. Now, I'm addicted to lace. I wasn't sure about the start, but I'm through the first 40 rows and can't wait to pick it up again. I've been thinking about this and my Icarus for months. I wound the yarn yesterday morning (B was watching All-Star Alphabet for the 8 millionth time). I had to go up to US 7s to get gauge, so it doesn't seem to challenging, yet. I can't wait to start Icarus in laceweight yarn on 3s!


Adrienne said...

You are going to love the Icarus. Just know that the last five rows take about as long as the first hundred.

Rae said...

I LOVE knitting lace, but oddly enough I don't wear it. I'm not a shawl wearer, but I'm so drawn to knitting them. The Icarus looks gorgeous, and the yarn is beautiful. I like the subtle variation. Looking forward to see your progress.

Amy Lane said...

That's gorgeous...I like the really simple lace knitting I've done so far, but I'm sitting on a couple of more complicated projects (like a maple leaf shawl w/cherry tree hill yarn) that I've wanted to do forever...I envy you your lace:-)