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Thursday, April 05, 2007

lots to say

Hubby and I took the day off yesterday. For the last X years he and I have gone to every Yankee home opener. Unfortunately, we couldn't get tickets for this year's opener so he got them for the second game. Which got rained out. But, before we knew we wouldn't be watching any cold, wet baseball, I was at home working on the Lace Leaf Shawl while he was on a job interview. (Um, yes, I did say that and that is where he was even with having 3 different jobs last year, let's just say the third time wasn't the charm.) I finished two repeats by the time he got home, then we had a nice lunch together and did some Easter shopping and then I took a nap. There's something wrong about taking a vacation day and still being in the shower by 6 am (had to get B to school at a normal-ish time or he'd freak out). I had thought if the game was rained out I'd do some housework or dye some yarn (my knitpicks order came in on Tuesday). Didn't happen.

Here's the progress on the shawl. Thanks for all the positive feedback. I can't wait to finish it and block it. I'm just under 200 stitches and aiming for 307. Am I half finished yet? Ironically, I didn't work on the shawl at all during tv time last night. Instead I picked up a plain stockinette vest I've been working on. Wine with dinner, I guess.
Why yes, the shawl is posing with 30 balls of newly stashed yarn. Thanks for noticing. (10 balls Rowanspun Aran in Gable, 10 balls Polar in Combat or gray, 10 balls Polar in Truffle or yummy yummy chocolate)

I do think I should stop stashing until I find the burgundy Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool I want to use in a design idea.
In other exciting mail, I received this from Adrienne. She had offered a hand knit hat to the winner of Thordora's PPD crazy race in February. I won the race (and a copy of Adrienne's book). Go to Adrienne's blog to see a picture of me in it. (I wonder what the neighbors thought while I was snapping away at my own head.)

I had started a long winded post about the book but I've lost it. I devoured the book shortly after receiving it and it deserves it's own post.
I think I'll wear the hat to the Easter Egg hunt at church on Saturday, since it's going to be knit hat weather. Nice springer we're having. It was snowing out my window earlier this morning. I would have taken a picture but I was interviewing someone.
Speaking of dyeing, I've got an insane idea to dye my own yarn for my icarus. I did buy a skein of bare laceweight from KnitPicks... It's a truly crazy idea that will take me hours to accomplish. Hours of wrapping and hours of dyeing. Really, someone stop me. (I'm thinking my pink and yellow from Cabin cove would be better as this.)

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