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Friday, February 23, 2007

"what color be?"

I ripped back to the ribbing. Yeah one and a half repeats gone. As I was trying to figure out where I screwed up, it came to me that I probably messed up at the very beginning, when establishing the cable pattern. So I decided right there on the E train to rip it back. And I did.

I've mostly completed the first repeat again. I probably would have made it slightly past where I was when I decided to rip, but Hubby had a really bad day at work (didn't get home until 8:45 pm) and needed a vent session. I figured he deserved my full attention.

I have lunch knitting today, so hopefully some progress will be made.

Hubby's miserable at his job, but otherwise we're all doing well. I think B's even had a mood elevation since Mommy's doing better. Hubby's promised since he's worked late so much this week to play as many board games as B wants this weekend. I'll hear many refrains of "Daddy, what color be?"

I got my knitpicks order last night. Be prepared for more yarn dyeing over the weekend. I'm very curious to see how the superwash/nylon blend takes up my food color.

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Rae said...

It's surprising how much a miserable job can impact the whole family. DH and I have both been there, and it sucks, especially when it's more than just the two of you.

Frogging is knitting progress, in my book. I frogged my entire second sock, and this time around it matches the other much better. It's painful, but it makes the FO so much better.

Hoping your dying project turned out well! Looking forward to pics.