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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It'll happen

I'm not going to stress over the toilet-learning thing. Rae had some great suggestions, but I'm only with him 2 1/2 hours most days and daycare's got 18 little 3 YOs. I think I'll wait until he's ready and let him do it himself. It will happen some day. He's not going to want to wear a diaper forever. Right? (I still may try the feel and learn, just to see.)

The back of the green aran is rapidly decreasing. I'm onto the set of decreases that subtract 4 stitches each row. I should be done with the end of the sixth pattern repeat. I want to cast on for the front tomorrow and have that done by the time we get back from Vermont (2/20). That will leave me with two weeks for sleeves. I figure I can seam up in the car on the way down to AC for the parade (just need to wash and block before we pack up).


Susan said...

He'll get to it when he's ready. Usually peer pressure is helpful -- my almost three year old is much better about using the potty at day care than he is at home. He also likes to use public restrooms. Maybe the trip to VT might help him. I seem to remember having anxiety about going to Disney World with my daughter when she was toilet training, and she surprised me by using the potty the entire time, no accidents. Of course, she was very excited to see all the bathrooms at Disney World. I know that this will work out, and I hope sooner rather than later.

Rae said...

I admit I'm with DD about the same amount of time -- a few minutes in the morning, and dinner/bath/bed at night. The weekends are hard.

I think letting the little guy make the decision on his own is a good way to go. It'll save you stress, him stress, and make it all easier. I lucked out -- I really do think DD was ready when she did it. Like I said, only she can decide to do it.

Good luck!

Ruth said...

It'll happen. Seeing other kids doing it is a good motivator, as is (for boys) the whole "fun with aiming" thing. If you have tile or wood floors, I had success with the "let them go naked" method - I found if my son had pull-ups on, he just wouldn't bother trying to get to the potty in time. But yeah - when they're ready, they're ready.