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Monday, February 26, 2007

color reward

I put my camera up out of B's reach yesterday and then forgot to bring it in to see if I could upload pictures today.

Damn shame. I think I got some really accurate shots of Saturday's experiments. I dyed 3 skeins of the Knitpicks Superwash/Nylon blend and although I got a splotchy tie-dye effect, I really like the skeins. The dyeing was my reward for getting some chores done while Hubby had B out and about running errands (errand running is one of Hubby's finely honed skills). I've got a new turquoise/purple/lime, a turquoise/purple/pink, and a red/orange/pink that I just adore.

I've got a few ideas on how to counteract the superwash's rapid and splotchy uptake of color. I'm thinking less acidity and a slower uptake will lead to a more even coloring. I've got one last superwash to experiment on and then I'm dyeing two skeins of silk/wool blend with koolaid. (I'm thinking they might not become socks but something lacy for me.) Then there's the donegal sock yarn that I'm torn between doing purple or turquoise for a friend here at work. For the longest time, she knitted with just donegal yarn. She's branched out, but I'm thinking donegal socks might be a good idea!

For the record, I was trying to get Hubby to tell me how pretty my skeins were and he said "I don't understand why you can't just buy red yard." Can we rewind his childhood and have some creativity put back into the man?

I've started the sleeve decreases on Hubby's aran. I'd hoped to have sleeve 1 done this past weekend, but I jammed my pinkie finger on my right hand on Saturday carrying B upstairs for a diaper change and it's been stiff the last couple of days. I hope to finish sleeve 1 today and get sleeve 2 done over the weekend. Hubby's chomping at the bit to wear the sweater. St. Patrick's day parade season starts Saturday in Hoboken and he's disappointed he can't have the sweater sooner. He's already informed me he's wearing it to lunch at the Irish Pub in AC next Friday.


Ruth said...

He may not be creative, but at least he appreciates the sweater! My hubby's response to each new piece of jewellery I finish: "Nice. Shiney."

Rae said...

LOL on DH's comment. Too funny, so much like a man to solve a problem and be done with it. Sometimes, the process of solving the problem is the point, not actually accomplishing it.

Absolutely love the middle one - gorgeous! But I like the one of the left, too. Nice colors.