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Friday, February 16, 2007

weekend plans

I didn't knit much after I got home yesterday. My evening was spent finally putting the zipper in Dad's Kirk. I'll try to get a pic of him in it to post. We're heading up to VT tomorrow and staying through Tuesday. Crazy, right? Fortunately where Mom and Dad are, they only got 15" of snow, whereas a lot of the Champlain Valley got 2 feet and where my grandfather lives (about 30 mi east), they're registering 30". Yesterday, they had a forecasted high of 5° farenheit. Fortunately, they know how to handle snow up there so all the roads will be cleared by the time we get there tomorrow. (Although, hubby wouldn't mind the opportunity to use the 4WD on the H3.)

I'm very excited to see my family. The one regret of my life is that VT and NJ are so far a part. I can't wait to tell Billy in the morning that we're going to go see his Nanny and Grampy. That we're going to Nanny's house. I haven't told him yet because he'll ask nonstop about going to Nanny's house.

I've got knitting at lunch today, so I hope to hit the armhole shaping on the front of Hubby's Green Aran (only about 10 rows to go). I'm still planning to have the front finished before we come back. I'll have 2 weeks to knit the sleeves. I can't remember if I started the armhole shaping at row 7 of repeat 4 or later in the repeat. I forgot the back at home (it's too large to carry both pieces all the time) and Molly chewed up my original notes. Oh well, if I get to row 7 today before I get home, I'll just put it aside and cast on the sleeves.

I don't know if I'll have much time after B goes to bed to work on the aran tonight, though. I need to pack for the weekend and part of me thinks I should do a load of laundry, too. I have to remember to pack the full array of DVDs for the 6 hr ride up. Oh, and we should bring B's favorite board games. I think he'd be bereft if he had to go four days without CandyLand.

We had a better morning this morning. He still didn't want to put on a coat, but there was less carrying on in general.

Polaroid rocks. They sent me a new camera. They determined the old one was defective. Woot! I'm so happy to have it back. I told Hubby again it was great he was able to find the receipt.

If the light is good when we get back Tuesday, I'll take a pic of the sock yarn I dyed. And I'll post it for you.


Rae said...

Wait, B plays Candyland?? I wonder if my DD would get it (2.5). We should try; worst that will happen is the game goes in the closet for a few months. What about Chutes and Ladders?

I know what you mean about the distance from family. My mom is only 4 hours away, but she's 4 hours away. It's just far enough to be difficult but not impossible.

Have a great weekend!!

Netter said...

Yep, he's all about the board games. We bought him CandyLand, Hi-Ho Cherry-O and Chutes and Ladders. He needs a littl bit of help, but loves to play. I think you should try it. But be prepared for hours and hours if she likes it (you know how they are!).

Amy Lane said...

B sounds like such a charmer--make sure you pack dvds that you can tolerate... (Tarzan, for example, has a kick ass sound track, as does Chicken Little) May your weekend be fabulously happy!