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Thursday, February 08, 2007


Thanks for the supportive comments on the potty thing. It's hard not to feel a little insecure in your decisions when a person of authority implies you're doing something wrong. But, I just know my B and if I push it, he's going to push back. The kid's surprisingly easy going much of the time (especially if there are other kids to go along with), but once he makes up his mind, there's no changing it.

I swear, I'm raising my sister all over again! From the time I was 12 and she was 7, I was responsible for getting both of my sisters up for school and watching them after school until my parents got home from work. In the summer, it was a 40 hour a week job. The youngest made it so much work. She was the most stubborn kid. So hard to get out of bed, difficult about hygeine (at 8 she nearly had dreadlocks), and you'd never change her mind once it was made up. One time, I purposefully gave her the wrong answer for a question on her math homework (because helping her meant doing it for her), and she went around for weeks giving that answer even though I had immediately corrected it the first time.

He's got her eye color (that blue/green/silver depending on what they're wearing eye color) and the same birthmark/mole on the right thigh. He does adore her and she him. Makes me wonder if my sis and I are more alike than I'd thought.

Alert the knitting media, I'm 4 rows from finishing the back of the green aran. I will be casting on for the front by tomorrow!

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Amy Lane said...

OMG--I so wish I had read your post on potty training earlier--my 3YO isn't potty trained yet, and I was feeling so EMBARRASSED!!! And I know he can control it, and I know he knows where it's supposed to go, he just totally doesn't give a big flying bat-crap about doing it--YET. So we've been letting it go. This was the kid who repeated everything we said but didn't talk on his own. Until he suddenly cut loose in complete sentences after having learned everything he needed to--we figured this would be the same way. So good for you--don't stress, let that child be himself. My oldest (developmentally delayed in a big way) didn't potty train until he was 5 1/2--at the time, we felt like it was a huge slam on our abilities as parents. Right now, we're like "so... he can tie his shoes, he can go to the bathroom, and at 14, he remembers deodorant, and he's on the honor roll (which for a dd kid is pretty freakin' huge), so maybe we don't suck so badly after all. You're doing great--and, if it helps, you're not the only one w/this dilemma.