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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

giant sucking sound

So, apparently B's been mouthing off to the ladies at school (saying No and having tantrums). We're supposed to "talk to him" about respecting adults. Like that's going to do any good. I realize that his behavior is probably no worse than any other kid's but he's usually so sweet and happy that it's very noticeable when he becomes Mr. CrankyPants.

Just what I need on top of the gravitational pull of being unmedicated for nearly three months. That giant sucking sound is not NAFTA taking jobs away. It's the black hole pulling at me. I am doing a littel experiment. I started taking my meds again. I think it will be a few days before we see any therapeutic benefit or the itchy, hivey wonder reappears. I really, really should call my doctor and insist he give me another SSRI. But, I'm taking the path of least resistance.

Things are not all bad. Last night a good friend came by for dinner. He came with bread, cookies, and a gift of new cars for B. He had fun playing games with Hubby and B (let's not discuss the resentment of me doing all the work for dinner while they played CandyLand). Apparently, B had fun too. Not only did he take one of the new cars to bed with him, he asked where Ted was this morning when he woke up.

Another good thing. I got some Cabin Cove sock yarn in the mail. This is my first skein of Dave's sock yarn and it is so silky soft and the colors are wow! I was going to take a picture of it and the sock yarn I bought for B and some naked yarn I got from KnitPicks, but decided to not bother since I can't post them from here.

I am so ready for a snow day tomorrow, if we get one.

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Anonymous said...

I take anti-depressants for my chronic pain (the part of the brain that controls mood also does pain management) and I've hated most of them I've taken over the years. I'm on Cymbalta now and it's not bad, other than the creeping weight gain.

As for the hives, definitely shift meds and see... I'm allergic to sulfur and Celexa has sulfur in it, so when I tried that medication I puked for 24 hours. It's probably some strange thing like that for you, too.

Otherwise, big hugs and I hope everything levels off - mood, kid, work, etc.

-Julie, still fighting with blogger.