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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

just a Tuesday

Thanks for the comments on the yarn. I'm really happy with them. And I'm trying really hard not to order more yarn. I mean, how many skeins of sock yarn do I need? It's just so much fun, though. I've thought of a ton more color combinations.

I'm still not done that first sleeve. Should be today. I figure that means I'll need a week for the second sleeve, which gives me a couple of days for finishing. I should take the time to start weaving in some ends now. (Each piece takes about 8 balls of yarn.)

I'm anxious to start a new project. I've got that lovely tangerine calmer that wants to mimick a Mossimo pullover I bought a while back (high ribbed waist, ribbed boatneck, with 3/4 length sleeves). I've toyed with a cardigan, cause I wear them more. But, calmer is an against the skin kind of yarn.

I do, however, have lots of things to finish up. B's bounce for one. I nearly got the whole thing seamed up when I realized the sleeves weren't wide enough. Ha! I laugh in the face of these problems. Little triangular gussets to the rescue. Those need to be washed. Seaming needs to be finished, and then the duplicate stitching.

Then there's a baby blanket I started (ASC in diagonal garter stitch, think large, stripey dishcloth), Billy's Indigo Gold socks, my beaded rib socks and Here there be dragon socks. Mom's dishclothes. Not to mention really old UFOs.

I do think I'll be casting on something new when Hubby's Aran is finis. I'll just have to make sure it's not for another deadline!


Amy Lane said...

Wow--your WIP's file sounds like me...and still that urge to cast on some more projects...we do totally enjoy that honeymoon stage..btw--I'm really glad your little B got his ear tubes taken out... one giant weight off your chest...

Rae said...

Wait, what are "triangular gussets" for B's sweater? You mean you don't have to rip and reknit the entire sleeve, just append some piece of triangular knitting? Do tell. Curious minds want to know.