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Thursday, February 15, 2007

a little retail therapy

What a crappy morning.

B was fine about getting up and getting dressed. But he didn't want to stop playing. I had to wrestle to get his coat on and then wrestle him into the car (he was double upset because we wouldn't let him bring a matchbox truck to school). I angrily informed hubby that I was not going to assist in drop off, even though B was still crying in the back seat. I helped with that on Monday and it didn't help (we still had to leave him screaming for us) and was late for work.

I rushed to get onto the bus and then spent over an hour and a half sitting on it! 495 to the tunnel was a nightmare this morning. So, not only did I upset my husband by bailing on him (but really, he needs to grow a set and step up to this parenting thing), I got in even later than if I'd helped him and taken the train in.

I did get over 10 rows of the aran done on the bus.

Poor hubby, not only does he get snappy me, B refused to change out of his boots and the asst. director got on him for "disturbing the whole school."

I just bougth some KnitPicks Bare. All sock yarn for dyeing, including some silk blend. I had so much fun with the two skeins yesterday, I decided I needed to stock up. I'll post some pics once the two skeins are dried and hanked. One is totally '80s watermelon, but I haven't decided on a name for the second color way.

Quick LOST note: You'll win me back with episodes like last nights, esp. with the emphasis on Desmond!

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Rae said...

Part of learning how to behave is NOT behaving. Repetition, patience, practice. The school director doesn't sound like she's helping much; maybe you should have a talk with HER (instead of B).

I fully understand what you mean by needing a fully parenting spouse. I'm incredibly lucky -- I feel we truly do 50/50, maybe 60/40 with me doing 40. It makes a world of difference that DH can do everything I can, sometimes better. Hang in there with yours -- asserting yourself ("I'm not doing X right now; it's your turn") really is the best step (as long as DH doesn't resent you for it).

Looking forward to seeing the watermelon. What a happy color in our current weather!