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Monday, February 05, 2007

to sum up

I baked this weekend. I played lots of board games. Did a little housework. And I knitted.

B really enjoyed his Birthday on Friday and Saturday. His lead caregiver gave him a paper crown which he wore to whitecastle for dinner (he gets to have a cheeseburger and chicken rings since the burgers are small, Hubby and I wind up eating what's left) and to bed Friday night. He enjoyed his presents, especially his new Thomas trains and his play dough doggie doctor set (guess who gets to do most of the work with the play dough. I love the trains because it's one thing at which he plays completely independently, so much so we are not allowed to touch them). Saturday we had dinner and cake and presents with M-i-L. Not too many new toys.

I've finally reached the raglan shaping on Hubby's green aran. Or I will once I pick it up today. First two rows are the bind X stitches and then we decrease and decrease and decrease.

Last week was not a good one for me. I was not in a great place emotionally. I'm better today, but I'm also not playing the 10th round of Farm bingo. For some reason, and I want to chalk it up to exhaustion, I couldn't enjoy playing with B and I had no patience for his fussing. Until Saturday. Saturday we were able to let him tantrum himself out over things.

M-i-L saved the morning for us today. She gave B a new coat for his birthday. And without even being prompted, on this the coldest day I've ever had in NJ, he said he wanted to wear it. I sure hope this doesn't mean he needs a NEW coat everyday!

I'm going to try to edit or post again this evening to add pictures. I moved offices and now have windows and natural light again for better blog pictures!

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Susan said...

We've got the Play Doh Doggie Doctor set, too! It was a much loved Christmas present this year. Of course, when you leave your Play Doh out and Mom tells you at least six times to put it away before bed and you just sit there and smile, she throws out your Play Doh, which makes it less fun to play Doggie Doctor -- I'm still finding Play Doh in all sorts of strange places after that particular incident!