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Monday, February 26, 2007

good news

Two years after being implanted, B's left ear tube is finally out (the right one was out in November). Our little trooper let the doc put the needle-nosed tweezer thingies into his ear three times to remove the tube as it was sitting in ear wax in the canal. TMI? It's done, and if all things go well, we won't see Dr. Carl again!

But, that's not why I'm sacrificing serious knitting time to post tonight. Nope. I wanted to post the pics of Saturday's yarn.

The middle one is my favorite, and I couldn't recreate it if I wanted to.


chris said...

Congrats all around! The yarn looks wonderful!

Ruth said...

Gorgeous! I love the shading of the hues.

Amy Lane said...

gods, that's gorgeous! Well done--you and Samurai...I'm just so impressed with your vision!