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Monday, February 12, 2007

Bad case of the Mondays

Billy was not in the mood to get dressed and go to school. He wanted to stay in his PJs and play with his toys. I can't really blame him, but if mommy wants to get paid, mommy has to go to the office.

He was a right pill up until the moment we left him screaming at daycare. Well, he was fine and dandy when he was playing trains. But a right pill when I was trying to dress him and get his coat on and put him in the car...

However, after wrestling with Mr. B, Super Three, these office headaches will be a trifle, I'm sure.

Speaking of headaches, I had the mother of all migraine auras on Thursday, after B went to bed. We started with persistent after images of our diningroom chandelier, progressed through empty spots in my field of vision, became a sizzling line in one eye (my usual aura), and as I was trying to fall asleep, became one long string of holographic, multi-colored shimmering triangles around my entire left eye's field of vision (except my eyes were closed). Fortunately, the barbituates were taken at about stage two and the pain never came. I was, however, completely useless all day on Friday, until about 2 pm. I do actually enjoy watching the aura as long as there is no pain or nausea. It can be really trippy even when it's not as extensive as this last one.

I did manage to finish the back of Hubby's aran on the way home Thursday. I'm nearly finished the first repeat on the front. I think I'm still on track.


angela said...

Sorry to hear about the migraine. I get about 2 or so a month... Glad to hear you finished the back of the aran.

Rae said...

Oh, my DH gets that crazy vision thing with his migraines, too, so I feel for you. Unfortunately, no medicine really helps him, so he's stuck. Hope they stay at bay for awhile.