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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Zipo and Air

Zipo was gifted on Saturday. I was sitting around my dining room table with Mom and Dad when Dad asked when he'd get his sweater. I got up and grabbed it off the chair on which it was sitting and said "right now."

He really likes it. It fits well over another shirt. He wore it all weekend. I told mom it could be machine washed but that she shouldn't dry it.

As for Air, I tried but couldn't get too much done before they left. However, as of last night all that is left to complete is one, ONE, pocket flap and weaving in ends (of which there were many, lots of knots in my coffeebean calmer). Generally, I like to gift in person, but since she's been waiting so (im)patiently for nearly seven months, I'm mailing it as soon as it is finished. Since I plan on working on it during the Amazing Race (GO UCHENNA AND JOYCE) finals tonight, it should be ready to mail tomorrow. Along with a graduation card for my sister's boyfriend. He did the five-year plan for college. One nice thing about Air, it sort of fits me! Well, the sleeves are okay, but when I make mine I'll have to make the front and back a bit wider.

I have half of my bead it stitchmarkers done. Went with a completely different design. I hope she likes them. They should be in the mail by the end of the week.

I took Sleeve 1 off the needles yesterday morning. I realized Friday night as I was starting the cap shaping, that it might not fit the armhole! So, I cast on for the front yesterday. It's going pretty well. Especially since I bought a bunch of coilless safety pins. (Did you know that they sell them in the bead and jewelry section?) I plan to use them to mark increases and decreases so I don't have issues with them. Once I know the actual size of the armholes, I should be able to re-design the sleeves.

Still no pictures of anything. I don't know why I didn't take a picture of Dad in Zipo this weekend.

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