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Friday, May 13, 2005

I feel the need, the need for stash

I really, really want to stash. It's been soooo long, but I promised and your anniversary is not the day to break a promise to your beloved.

But, but, but Herrschners has a fabulous orange-multi color cotton blend on sale. It look so yummy! I don't know what I'd make with it or when I'd get to it considering all the yarn in my closet, under my bed and in bins in the (very dry) basement. They include:

20 skeins summer tweed
11 skeins Dale Kolibri
~20 skeins Reynolds Pebble Beach
8 hanks (various colors) of KPPPM and KPM
20 skeins of Calmer (sour and Onyx)
35 skeins Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran (in 3 colors)
10 hanks Magpie Aran
10 skeins Kid Classic
4 skeins Kroy socks (in two colorways)
10 skeins Rowan 4 ply cotton
12+ skeins All Seasons Cotton
15 skeins Highland Wool

And other things I can't think of.

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