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Friday, May 06, 2005

May 6th was supposed to be my wedding date

Six years ago when we were picking a wedding date, our first choice was May 6th. At first, because the last weekend in April was unavailable at our venue, but then we remembered that the 6th was very important to us because we'd first said "I love you" on Feb 6, 1995. When Hubby, then fiance, was talking to his best man, we found out we couldn't get married on May 6. See, best man is an editor for The Daily Racing Form, and since May 6 was the first Saturday in May that year, he couldn't take time off. No one takes time off the week of Kentucky Derby Day when they work for the Racing Form. It's okay, we got married May 13th. Which turned out to be great. 13 is Hubby's favorite number and May 13, 1977 was my aunt's wedding date and I was her flower girl! (Didn't have one of those myself, not having any nieces or close friends with girl children. Well that's not completely true, but Melissa Marie was only a week old!)

Back to 2005, tonight I must clean house. Mom, Dad and sister Natalie hope to be at my place around lunchtime. My place is a sty. There are certain things I can only do while Billy is sleeping (mopping, vacuuming, using chemicals to clean the bathroom), so I have to do them tonight. Naptime tomorrow is cutting it way to close to arrival time. Tomorrow I can tidy, put stuff away, and make guest beds with him following me around.

Yesterday was fun, just the three of us. I found out Billy likes quesadillas. Not a big surprise considering the way he scarfs cheese and carbs on their own. I made chicken quesadillas for myself. I picked up some of that pre-cooked and pre-carved chicken breast and some tortillas and put them in the Foreman grill. Voila. I made a better lunch for today, though. I layered the rest of the chicken, tortillas, cheese, salsa, peppers (frozen), and sour cream into a casserole and baked. MMMMMMM. I love cheese and sour cream!

I didn't do much knitting on the T yesterday. But, I did start seaming Mom's Air. I have the shoulders put together and 1 and 1/2 arms set in. I don't like the way I hand sew (and it's not that great with a machine either) so I'm crocheting everything together. I'm much more confident with those stitches and so far everything looks good. I'd be much further along if I hadn't sewn the wrong front to the back inside out! Then I went and tried to pin a sleeve to the neck! Took me a while to figure out why it wasn't working!

As you can see, though, I did manage to get a few rows done on the T this morning. Plan to work more on the bus tonight. Hopefully, I'll get the housework done in time to do some more seaming before bed.

I'm so looking forward to seeing Mom and Dad. And celebrating Mother's Day (ooh presents). And having Billy baptized. And any other fun stuff we can think of!

Am I the only person who doesn't like Catherine Willows on CSI?

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leah said...

Heh, Husband and I got married on 13-May too. Happy Anniversary this Friday (I'll be traveling to KY so I won't get a chance to stop in and wish it then).

I don't like Catherine anymore. I used to... before she became shift supervisor :P