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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

La la la la la la, la la la la la

Remember the smurfs? Their little song often pops into my head when I'm floatingly happy.

And why is Netter so happy? Her new computer is set up and running! Her new camera is here and loaded with batteries and taking pictures! Yay! All I need to do now is do the transfer from the old PC and get us back online at home.

It was not fun driving out to Bound Brook last night (15+ miles on 22 just after evening rush?), but we got to UPS and after waiting behind 2 people whose packages could not be found (Hello, hard to not buy yourself some anxiety in that situation), the guy scanned my delivery slips, and voila, four Dell boxes for me!

I love the 19" flat screen monitor (free upgrade in May), I love having Windows XP with Office Professional, I love my new 3-in-1 printer, and I can't wait to be able to get online and actually do stuff at home with my computer! I love getting 2% of the total purchase into our Upromise account for B's education. Not to mention, Hubby was joking about going out today and getting an MP3 player and start ripping the CDs for this summer's concert performers.

And, I ordered yarn yesterday. Another package to happily wait for!

I decided to take Lolly's advice and go for the contrast hem and neckline. I've used just over one ball on the front so far. I think I'll be able to finish it it with one more so that leaves 2 for the sleeves. And I have enought cofeebean for about 36 rows of the three remaining hems. I should be fine. Since I've decided to add the brown, I've been wanting to call her Truffle. The coffeebean makes me think of milk chocolate. Since I'm trying to remove weight, I'll wear my truffles instead of eating them!

And, Billy didn't bite anyone yesterday. Super cute Billy story to follow. He was very good waiting with us at UPS. He just walked around looking at things and people. When I showed him that the metal on the sides the counters was reflective and told him to look at Billy, he leaned really close, said "MWAH" and kissed his reflection. (Now, don't go thinking he's a narcissist, he just thought he was kissing another kid.)

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Tracy said...

It sounds like they'll never get you away from the pc to knit anything. Enjoy!