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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Thirsty Thursday

Just me and the kids tonight. Hubby's going out with a friend to a Newark Bears game. They have a silly promotion called Thirsty Thursday. Do you ever wonder why Netter doesn't go out with friends after work? She does, too. I don't resent it, I usually like spending time by myself. Especially on Thursday when I can watch what I want to watch on our big screen TV (CSI on 21 inches isn't that great, on 48 inches much better). I can also have whatever I want for dinner (usually a rotisserie chicken) and knit til my heart's content. Although tonight I must, must, must start seaming Air. Mom will be here Saturday. Hopefully Molly will cooperate. Hmmm, think I'll buy her a new bone to bribe some cooperation out of her!

Billy's doing so much better. No more wheezing and he hardly sounds congested at all. He's barely coughing either. I must say nebulizing in the morning is so easy. I just turn on TLC and we watch Ready, Set, Learn or Peep and the Big Wide World (title may be slightly wrong). Evenings it's a little harder to find something, but he does seem to like Jimmy Neutron.

I'm still headache free. Although, I'm jonesing for some stashquisition. I think it's because as much as I like NBaT, she's a little plain vanilla. Especially since I've taken out the intarsia. I'm just a solids kind of girl. Maybe I should start a new project. I'm beginning to understand why some knitters have so many active projects at one time. I'm not getting bored with knitting; I'm just looking for a little knitting excitement.

Sometime soon, I need to start on the Bead It exchange. I found some other cute beads on eBay; they go really well with my person's blog, but I got outbid and I'm not sure how much higher I want to go. The auction ends tomorrow, so I think I'll wait and re-bid then. Bugs me how this person didn't bid at all until I placed the first bid!

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