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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

so, it might fit

I held the back of NBaT against my front and back (not so easy to see) last night and it appears it's a good length for me. I also compared it against a top I have that fits pretty well (although, it's a bit more snug right now than I'd like), and it's just a tad wider. All in all it looks like the T will fit. Yay, I don't have to rip it all out and start over!

The bad news is I only have 3 balls of the Zeal Calmer left. I don't think I'm going to make it. I've just finished the waist decreases and figure it's going to take at least 2 more balls to finish the front. No way I get 2 sleeves and the neckband out of 1 and part of a ball (remember I already started a sleeve). I think it might help if I go back to two colors and use a contrast for the neckband and sleeve hems (I'll probably have to rip what I've started of the first sleeve anyway to fit my armhole). I definitely have enough bleached, but I think I'd like coffeebean better. Might have enough of that leftover from mom's air. I'll try it and see.

I get to pick up my computer tonight (and my new camera). UPS wouldn't leave the three boxes (monitor, camera, printer, PC) because there was no one at the house to sign for it. So, Hubby, Billy and I are off to Bound Brook to pick it up after work. We'll stop and grab a bite on 22 on the way (lots of places to eat on Rt 22).

Something a bit disturbing happened yesterday, and it wasn't the fight my sisters and I got into. Billy bit another child at daycare. The other kid (don't know which one or the sex) had a toy that B wanted and wouldn't give it him (why should s/he?) so he bit her/him. He broke the skin. Hubby's worried that we'll be sued (I'm hoping the victim has a history of biting him-/herself and the parents are more understanding than that). Hubby does the worst-case-scenario thing all the time. It gets a bit old, the anxiety. I'm not too surprised. It's common for kids in group settings to bite and really common for toddlers with little language skills to hit and bite (and B's skills are a bit below average). B's been biting me since November. We've tried lots of different things to get him to stop, but felt fortunate that he limited it to me and Hubby. He hadn't really bit anyone else till yesterday. Unfortunately, he has a lot more teeth (12!) than your average toddler. Any advice on how to get him to stop?


Lauren said...

I say go with a contrasting color for the neckband, etc. It will be very cute that way. Sorry about running out of yarn--I have been there.

Yarngirl said...

My oldest used to bite me - mind you this was 17 years ago. He did stop, but it was fustrating as hell, and I had lots of bite marks on the back of my legs- he used to sneak up on me while I was in the kitchen. Good luck.