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Friday, May 20, 2005

Not so motivated

Something about late nights, mild hangovers, and half-days that keep me from being super motivated at work. Of course, the fact that B's ears are oozing again may have something to do with my mood. Oh and it's cool and rainy outside. We're not having a very Springy-Spring this year. I wonder if Summer will be a disappointment, too.

Yep, have to go home at 12:30 and take the boy to the doctor. Poor kid. He seems to feel okay. All smiles and giggles as usual, but oozing ears cannot be ignored. And I am NOT thrilled that he's coughing again. We've only been off the meds for two weeks.

BRUUUUCE was great last night. It was weird to be seated almost the whole concert and to see just him performing alone, but he's awesome. He can be a bit tyrannical about his acoustic performances. Someone was shouting during a song and he told them to Shut the F Up. But he didn't abbreviate.

Good news is I get to knit sooner. No knittable seats available on the 113X this morning. Afternoon buses tend to be emptier, so I'll get a good seat. I'll also get to play with the new PC this afternoon instead of waiting until B goes to bed. I'll set him up with some toys and we'll be good to go. He'll probably spend more time opening and closing the door. He can just reach the knob and it doesn't latch. He just stands there opening and closing. Sometimes, he eve goes in and out! Oops, I forgot there are cardboard boxes and computer stuff all over the floor in there. I'll have to tidy that up first, won't I?

Hubby's going to the Mets-Yankees series all weekend. He'll be out tonight, tomorrow afternoon and Sunday afternoon. Hope he doesn't get too rained on today! It'll be a B and Mommy weeekend. My M-i-L is coming to babysit tomorrow morning so I can workout and go to the salon (Hubby's planning on leaving around 10 to drive to the stadium and he'll ahve to pick up tailgate supplies in the morning). That afternoon, if B's up for it, we're going shopping. I need some new clothes (esp. shorts and things for Vegas next week) and he needs some summer-y things. If he's not up to it, he'll stay with the in-laws tomorrow after church and it's mommy alone with the credit card time.

Wow, what a long post and no real knitting news! I've got one more bust increase on NBaT. I hope to have her finished this weekend. Then it's sleeve time. I've also started a wrap in a rayon ribbon yarn, but I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do. It's for Vegas. Something light and airy, but can cover my arms if I pack anything sleeve-less.

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Lauren said...

Hope your little one gets better, Annette. Have a good weekend--hope you are able to relax a little bit!