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Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I was going to write a really long update yesterday, whining about how sucky my weekend was, but I lost the momentum.

I had to take Billy to the doctor Friday because he had discharge from his ear, which I think I mentioned Friday. Well, the ear wasn't a concern, but she was concerned about his bronchitis. Since 3 weeks of Albuteral syrup hadn't helped his congestion or wheezing, we had to move on to a nebulizer. Which had to be delivered to our house, that evening when we were supposed to be on the road to VT to visit my family for the first time since August for my grandparents 60th anniversary party. Since he was still sick and the nebulizer didn't get there until 5:30 pm, we didn't go. I was really disappointed, but my parents and one of my sisters is coming down this weekend for his baptism, so it took off some of the sting.

The good news is as much as he hates the nebulizer, his chest is clearing up. No more wheezing at yesterday's follow-up. He's finished the oral antibiotics for his ears, he's only got one more day of antibiotic drops for his ears (took a call to ENT), and another week of one drug in the nebulizer. He's taking Zyrtec for allergies, which has really knocked out the runny nose! I'll be happy when we're down to just that antihistamine. I did find a way to make the nebulizer more palatable. TV! Normally, we don't let him watch much, but it's better than him screaming the whole 15 minutes! In the morning it's easy to find stuff for toddlers, but in the evening, not so much. I've found he likes music videos (kid LOVES music), but last night the only thing besides hip-hop was country (we only have 5 or 6 video channels on digital cable and they all had crap on). Hubby wasn't thrilled, but it kept him mellow until we were done.

I got some good news for myself on Friday. My internist and Billy's pediatrician are married and have their practices in the same building. Friday afternoon when I got home there was a message that my MRI was clear. When I took Billy to the pediatrician, I ran into my doctor so he and I had a quick chat. I was able to tell him that I hadn't had a migraine since last Monday and we were all happy. I just wish I'd start sleeping a little better (and stop having such wacky dreams).

I'm nearly to the neck shaping on the back of my T. Less than an inch to go. I can't wait to cast on for the other parts. I so want to wear this thing and soon. I didn't get a chance to look for the missing Calmer. But, I'll find it!

I cannot buy any more yarn. I rearranged my closet this weekend (put away heavy sweaters and dug out my shorts, not to mention put away 4+ weeks worth of clean laundry) and re-organized that part of my stash. Whoo boy, it's going to take a while to get through it all, especially at my current rate. Since I'm in my early 30s, I don't think I'm at SABLE status, yet, but it won't take long if I don't start stash-busting!

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