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Monday, May 16, 2005

Into the Woods, Out of the Woods, and to work befor 9

We had a good weekend. Friday was a lot of fun. Our local community theater did a good job with Into the Woods. Everyone had a good voice and they did well with the limited resources and tiny stage. My only complaint for this performance, I didn't like the portrayal of the wolf so much. I liked him a bit more lascivious as he was when I saw it on broadway. The other complaint is more for Soundheim and his co-writer (I think it's Jardine), the musical is much less interesting after the Witch goes away. The rest of it feels like such a dirge.

Saturday was busy, housework-wise. I still haven't completely caught up, but I need a filter for my vacuum and I thought my mop bucket had sprung a leak. Besides, by the time I could have gotten to those tasks, it was time to go get Billy. He seemed none the worse for spending a day with Grammy and Granddad. (Sometimes I think he prefers Grammy to me!)

Saturday night we just chilled at home. B got a much needed bath and Hubby and I vegged. I'm so exciting, I went to bed early!

Sunday was a lot of running around, to church (where Billy again charmed our small congregation of mostly older ladies), then to the town fair and craft fair. There were two knit/crochet-dedicated booths. One was full of ponchos done in interesting yarns (some novelty, some multi-colored ribbons, some more classic). I couldn't tell how well she was doing. Another was hand-made wood knitting needles with embellished ends. Things like beads and wooden sunflowers. The kneedles looked like basic wood dowels; I wasn't about to pay $12 for them. They did have some cute felted bags; I should have asked what they used for yarn. Fortunately, no yarn for sale; so I wasn't tempted to break THE PROMISE with hubby standing right there. I did see some other knit and crochet things for sale at other booths, but nothing too interesting. Hubby kept joking that I should get ready to have a booth next year. Like I could make that much output. Maybe if I sold my stash! Mostly it was painted wood stuff, beaded jewelry, food vendors, and local businesses trying to drum up business. We didn't buy anything!

Okay, you waded through all of that, you deserve knitting content. Unfortunately, it's already been posted! I completed about 30 rows on the NBaT between a long bus ride (I bet you get as tired of reading that as I do of typing it), driving around NJ (picking up boy, going to church), and watching some tv on Saturday. I mentioned before that I'm beginning to be concerned that it's going to be too big. I did upsize because I am upsized, and I do like things longer, but this might be a bit too much. And since it seems a few balls wandered off (or I'm using way more yarn than I thought), I'm worried about running out of my discontinued Calmer. I may be heading to the frog pond soon. If that's the case, don't be surprised if you see me start up something new (like Hubby's socks).

I'd like to know where the knitting black hole is in my house. I've mis-placed that calmer and the project bag I started for Hubby's socks. I lost a few balls of that green sock yarn, the dpns on which I got gauge, and the pattern!

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Yarngirl said...

I think I'm having the same problem with length on my NBat - and I'm short and wide. Don't know - I think I will have to check it out before I seam it to decide if I'm going to frog it.