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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

New PC with camera!

I'm getting a new computer. With a new camera. It's not a super cool camera, but it will be good for blogging and e-mailing Billy snaps. I should have the PC next week. Yippee!

Hubby and I are filling up our calendar for this summer. Next week we go to see Bruce Springsteen, then we see Mellancamp and Fogerty in July, I go to Tori Amos with my sister in August (day before we drive to VT for Meme's birthday party), in September we go to the Stones with my parents, and we're going to Giants opening day, too. I know there are a couple of other shows I'm forgetting.

Air is nearly done. I have 1 more end to weave in. I don't know how I missed it, I think I got too wrapped up in the Amazing Race. (I was so happy that Joyce and Uchenna won. They are such good people. They nearly gave up their lead at the end to get enough money for their cab driver!) Air looks really nice. Can't wait to make my own.

I turned the hem on the T this morning on the bus. I think I'll try to get Billy's sweater done (been needing just a zipper for 3 months) tomorrow watching CBS and then it's full-time T knitting.

Next on the list are Hubby' socks (once I find the project bag), Ellspeth (in Sour Calmer), Acorn Cami (in Orange MilleFille Fiori Print), Air (Onyx Calmer), and then I'll probably start my fall/winter knitting with a Tempting in Silk Road Aran and a little something in Silk Garden #84 that I've been kicking around. Of course, I have some Cork that I want to knit into something for Billy, too!

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Lauren said...

Go for Tempting! It is really fun!

Your tee is looking great, Annette :)