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Monday, April 28, 2008

the last few days

I've been diligently knitting on BSJ #2. I'm two rows from the buttonholes, which means I'll be casting of for BSJ #3 soon. I'm going to knit BSJs until I run out of Knit Picks Shine Sport in these four colors (bought last year for the crochet baby blanket).

I still haven't finished the shamrock socks. Just the heel to go on the second one. Maybe tonight. I think I've started it. If I were less lazy, I'd go look in my purse.

In other news, I've made my son a bit of a fusspot, although that's not quite the right word. Last night after dinner, he wanted to help me get his bedtime snack together. I thought he had to pee, but he kept saying no. After we finished making his chocolate milk, I said okay, let's go potty. But, he'd reached the point of not being able to hold it anymore. I didn't get upset. I just told him to go up to the bathroom and get undressed for his bath. I was a bit brusque when he didn't move, but I told him over and over that I wasn't made and there was no reason to be upset. Then in the bath, he tells me he has to poop. So, he gets out and puts his SpongeBob potty seat on the toilet (I don't know why he still insists on this at home, he doesn't use one anywhere else) and doesn't quite make it all the way before he has a touch of diarrhea. Poor guy. He was kept saying over and over "I pooped on my potty seat." I explained it was fine and went about wiping up and I really don't think I reacted at all. Then, this morning, Molly spilled his chocolate milk (he's on a bit of a binge) while trying to eat his bagel. Hubby and I did a pretty good job of not reacting (although Hubby did try to have a teaching moment about keeping cups away from the edge of the table). He had a fit. At one point he screamed at her "look what you did."

That was a dagger right to my heart.

That was me coming out of his mouth.

Long story short, I made him this way.

How do I fix it?

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Heather said...

Well, just constantly watch yourself and make sure you are responding to things and not reacting. And when he reacts to things I would gently ask him to use his words instead of yelling or whining. It will be hard at first, but after a while things will get better. Then when you are talking to him in a calm voice, but something he doesn't want to talk to you about he will ask why you are yelling at him. Giggles does this to me all the time, and to be honest I haven't yelled in years!