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Thursday, April 24, 2008

BSJ pic, finally

Lovely in the morning light. I sure hope the mom I'm giving it to likes the colors. Hubby likes it, but they're his HS colors.
I tried to get a pic of BSJ #2, but none came out right.
I'm very unhappy with my green striped socks. Not only does sock 2 have more stitches, the gauge also got huge on me. I'm not sure how. I cast on the day after I finished the frist one. I'm working on the heel of sock 1. My unhappiness is making it so going, either that or it's from being tired staying up till nearly 1 finishing Duma Key the other night.
I'm so glad I finished the book, nothing will distract me from LOST tonight.

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Heather said...

Cute BSJ, I am sure the mom will love it!

Hmm, the sock issue sounds tricky. I know that the first couple of socks I knit I had issues with one being tighter than the 2nd one...but looser. I wouldn't think 4 stitches would make that much of a difference, but maybe it does. Sorry to hear about it. Hope you can get it to fit right!