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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

home alone

Well, not really. The plumber's here to fix some pooling water around our toilet (I think the in-take pipe or whatever it's called is leaking) and the leaking from our fixtures in the tub. I'm such a geek, I want to be upstairs watching him, but I think that would be uncomfortable for both of us. Besides, if Molly doesn't stop carrying on, I may have to take her out. (She hates it when people are in the house and she can't be with them, especially people who ring the doorbell.)

My foot's getting better, the edges of the wound looked different this morning and it looked slightly smaller. Of course, I was cooking last night for the first time since I burned my foot and I managed to scald my stomach while pouring the water off the pasta. Don't ask, I really don't know how the water came up out of the sink. Probably had something to do with the dishes in it. I told Hubby I may have to give up cooking (either that or keep the sink empty). Fortunately, the burn on my stomach's really minor. It's not much worse than a sunburn, really. Considering how little sun that part of my body gets (I've been a one piece girl since college), I'd probably do more damage with sun exposure.

After the plumber leaves, I'm going to call Dell customer support. Our PC's not booted right for months, even after restoring it and re-installing Windows XP. I was going to just replace the tower, but then Dell called late last week to ask if I wanted to re-new the extended warranty. I said I didn't even remember buying it. I have free in-home service until 5/11. If the computer gets fixed, I may re-up.

I don't know that I like that noise that just came down the stairs....

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