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Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Echoing Green

I'm getting lame. Going to Poet's corner for my post titles. But, it is national poetry month. I'm not familiar with this one by William Blake. I wonder what my old 18th century lit prof would have thought of this one. He always said one should read "The Lamb" sarcastically, because really, Blake was not that simple.

Shamrock sock 2 is half-way between heel and toe. I'm nearly done the 22 sets of decreases for the BSJ (I think it's 22).

I'd really rather not be here today. There's some ongoing stuff I have to deal with as the manager of this group and that make me want to be a peon. I just don't want to deal.

We had a somewhat difficult morning. B was slow getting out of bed, but pretty cooperative until time to put on a coat and go. He wanted a coat, he didn't know which coat, he said he didn't want a coat, I lost my mind. Seriously, hubby was going to bring every B coat he could find to the car with him. Of course, it's currently 73 degrees F, so why does he need a coat? He wouldn't leave without one. We went through the same thing last Spring. Then the buses were all messed up (even the dispatcher and driver agreed to that) and then the subways were delayed and I was an hour late. Day's getting better, though.

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