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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

green grow the rashes

Title comes from a Robbie Burns song. Hey, if I'm not going to post a poem of my own, I should at least direct you to someone else's. (I'm currently 8 poems behind if you count the ones in my notebook but not online.)

The stripes on these socks match less than I first thought they would. I toyed with the idea of knitting from the other end of the yarn. I should have. How fun would it be if the gradiation went the other way on the other foot? Maybe if I knit a pair for B I'll do that.

I cast on for my BSJ last night. I woke up this morning wanting to work on it. I didn't bring it with me to work today. If I did that, the socks would never get done. I am very much looking forward to knitting away on it at home tonight, during hockey playoffs and the baseball game.

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