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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Good feeling won't you stay with me just a little longer

I felt so relaxed and content on Sunday night, watching baseball and hockey play-offs in my own TV room. My trip went well. The PITA client was appeased and I made my connecting flight and was only a little late getting to my mom's. B and Hubby had a great time, just the two of them. They even made the whole trip without the DVD player. We had a nice visit with my family. My grandparents were on the front page of their local evening paper Friday night. A little slice of life feature with accompanying local-access cable feature that needs some seriously editing. I enjoyed seeing most of my dad's siblings and my cousins on Saturday. B had a blast playing with his cousins (once he unvelcroed himself from me and my dad). So the anxieties were gone. That lasted until the train ride home last night when I started getting anxious again. But, I left myself a few messages and wrote some notes and told myself that my son and husband deserved my making a concerted effort to be pleasant and present for them. It worked pretty well.

So far, I've tackled some of the bigger item on my to-do list and plan on whittling things down further before lunch. It relly helps that I only had 28 e-mails this morning (140 yesterday took a chunk out of my morning).

I didn't knit too much on the flights or in VT or in the car Sunday. I read and visited and napped instead. I do have progress to share on the shamrock socks. First sock still needs its afterthough heel. Second sock is about 20 rows from it's heel line. I'd really like to have these socks done next week.

In other knitting news, a knitting friend from work is expecting. Must knit something! I swatched for a BSJ for another colleague last night, maybe I'll knit two!

Finally, Hubby is starting a new job in two weeks. He's going back to a New Jersey company and getting away from the certifiable harridan he's been working for the last 18 months. Yippee! It's 5% less money (but taxes are less and he's paying less to commute) and a longer day (but that's mainly a wash with the shorter commute). We're so happy.

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