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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I haven't told you about my foot

If you're squeamish, you may want to skip this post.

Yesterday and this morning were perfect hand knit sock weather, cool, rainy, gray. Unfortunately, I couldn't wear handknit socks because I'm stuck in sandals. I can't wear anything over the top of the arch of my foot. Last Thursday, I was microwaving some chicken thighs with barbecue sauce. When I took the splatter guard off the dish, some of the steaming hot sauce fell on my barefoot. When I wiped the sauce off my foot, the top layer of skin came off. I'm not in too much pain, but I can't apply pressure or it hurts. I think it's a deep, second-degree burn. It's probably the size of a nickel.

I'm not really sure how long this thing is going to take to heal. It's been five days so far and it looks pretty much the same as it did Friday night. (I am keeping it covered with a bandage and keeping a close eye out for any signs of infection.) I might have to put the wool socks away until Fall as I might be in sandals for quite some time. Fortunately, my office building turned the heat back on today so my toesies aren't as cold as they were yesterday! My other regret, besides cool weather and not being able to wear my socks, is that I can't wear a sneaker and am not going to the "gym" again. I went twice last week after taking time off for my sprained ankle.

Ironically, the same day, my Hippie brother in law stepped on a nail and needed a tetanus shot.


Susan said...

Oh, I hope that heals quickly enough that you can get back to the gym soon. There's nothing more frustrating than getting into a groove again and having an injury get in the way.

Heather said...

ouch! I hope your foot heals quickly!!